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Red Dead Redemption, a western-themed video game published by Rockstar Games, released in 2010 Red Dead Revolver, a western-themed video game published by Rockstar Games, released in 2004

Cod (disambiguation)

Cod is the common name for fish of the genus Gadus, as well as being used to refer to several other varieties of fish. Cod, CoD or COD may also refer to:


Sony Online Entertainment, a game developing company, now known as Daybreak Game Company Society of Operations Engineers, a British professional organization SO Emyrne, the football section of a sports club in Madagascar Special Operations Execut ...


GMM may refer to: Google Map Maker, a public cartography project GMM, IATA code for Gamboma Airport in the Republic of the Congo Generalized method of moments, an econometric method General Maintenance Manual, used by aircraft operators as part o ...

Ninja (disambiguation)

Ninja British rapper, a member of the band The Go! Team named Nkechi Ka Egenamba Murilo Rua, ring name Ninja, an MMA fighter Bert Batawang, ring name the Ninja, a boxer Ninja gamer, the alias of American professional gamer Richard Tyler Blevins N ...


"Changing of the Guard", a song from Exodus 1990 album Impact Is Imminent "Changing of the Guards", a single from Bob Dylans 1978 album Street-Legal "Change of the Guard", a song from Steely Dans 1972 album Cant Buy a Thrill The Changing of the G ...

Big Three

The Big 3 Milt Jackson album, 1975 The Big Three English band, British band fom Liverpool The Big 3 folk group, a folk trio comprising Cass Elliot, Tim Rose, and James Hendricks Big Three television networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC


Oxygen transmission rate, a measure of packaging permeability Otaara, a plant genus Optical transition radiation, a type of electromagnetic radiation Off-the-Record Messaging, an instant messaging encryption protocol


Amistad, New Mexico, United States Amistad Reservoir, a reservoir on the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas Amistad National Recreation Area, including the Amistad Reservoir, Texas Amistad, Texas, United States La Amistad International Park, a large ...

Dota (disambiguation)

90Y-DOTA-biotin, another substance used in cancer treatment DOTA chelator, a chemical DOTA-TATE, a substance used in cancer treatment The Declaration of the Americas on Diabetes DOTA 1996. This is one of several regional declarations co-sponsored ...

Flor (disambiguation)

Flor singer, Argentine pop and rock singer Florencia "Flor" Caserta born 1984 Flor given name, a list of people with the given name or nickname Flor surname


Toronto Civic Railways, Canada TCR fm, British radio station The Climate Registry, a North American nonprofit collaboration to record and track greenhouse gas emissions Lanaes Aereas Trans Costa Rica, ICAO airline code TCR TCR International, an a ...

Indian reserve (disambiguation)

The terms Indian Country, Indian Reserve, Indian Reservation, Indian Territory and Indian Land may be easily confused. Articles on related topics are titled as follows:

Macho (disambiguation)

Mach-O, Mach object file format Massive compact halo object MACHO, any kind of astronomical body that might explain the apparent presence of dark matter in galaxy halos

Caldera (disambiguation)

Renzo Caldera or Caldara, Italian bobsledder Rafael Antonio Bielsa Caldera born 1953, Argentine Justicialist Party politician Rafael Caldera 1916–2009, 56th and 60th President of Venezuela Henry Caldera football manager born 1959, Curaçao profess ...


Ora River, Uganda Ora, California, an unincorporated community in the United States Ora Township, Jackson County, Illinois, United States Ora, Indiana, an unincorporated community in the United States Ora, Cyprus, a village Ōra, Gunma, a town in ...


Olympus Mons Mars, the tallest known volcano and mountain in the Solar System


Vehicle registration plates in Schwabisch Hall and Schwabisch Hall, Germany Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, IATA code Sia, Cyprus, also spelt Sha Sagamihara Housing Area, an army installation in Japan Sha County, Fujian, China


Doug Koop born 1960, former Australian rules footballer C. Everett Koop 1916–2013, Surgeon General of the United States from 1982 to 1989 Bill Koop born 1906, Australian rules footballer Wanda Koop, Canadian painter

List of awards and nominations received by Katy Garbi

This page features a list of awards and nominations received by Greek singer and actress Katy Garbi. Since making her professional music debut in 1987 Garbi has released 20 studio albums: Prova, Gyalia Karfia, Entalma Silepseos, Tou Feggariou Ana ...


Dora, Baghdad, Iraq Lake Dora Western Australia Dorasan or Mount Dora, a hill in South Korea Lake Dora Tasmania Dora Adorayim, in the Israeli West Bank Dora, Lebanon Dora, Cyprus

Delphi (disambiguation)

Delphi, County Mayo, settlement in County Mayo, Republic of Ireland

Velvet (disambiguation)

Velvet Sirius XM, a contemporary pop music channel on the Sirius XM subscription service Velvet film, a 1984 American TV film Velvet Film, a Germany-based film production company founded by Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck in 1986 Velvet musical, an ...

Stuzkova slavnosť

A stuzkova slavnosť, commonly named a stuzkova and verbatim in English: Green ribbon ceremony or Ribbon ceremony, is a Slovak secondary school ceremonial event, which take place before the matura. During this event are the "baptized" green ribbon ...

Shalom Tomas Neuman

Shalom Tomas Neuman is a Czech born American artist, museum founder, and the driving force behind the visual arts concept of "fusionism".

SOS (disambiguation)

"SOS" pronounced "Soss", standing for "Son of Serge" Serge Silvangi, Stephen Silvagni born 1967, Australian football player "SOS" pronounced "Soss", standing for "Son of Swampy" Geoff "Swampy" Marsh", Shaun Marsh born 1983, Australian cricketer S ...


Shoot the Bullet, a 2005 shoot em up photography game Steal This Book, title of Abbie Hoffmans 1971 book and the source of its then popular STB acronym STB TV channel, a Ukrainian commercial television network STB, an Atlanta punk rock trio front ...


Elektafilm a.s., formerly Elektafilm s.r.o. was a Czechoslovak film production and film distribution company that existed from 1923 to 1951. It produced and distributed silent and since 1930 sound films in Czech, German and French languages. In t ...


Opposite prompt, a stage right prompt corner on a theatre stage One Piece, a 1997 Japanese manga and anime Out of print, a status of a book title at a publishing house Op., short for opus number, used to denote one work of musical composition fro ...


SSM band, a band from Detroit, Michigan, US Sakıp Sabancı Museum, an art museum in Istanbul, Turkey The Spectacular Spider-Man, any of several comic books


T4 phage, a bacteriophage T4: an EEG electrode site according to the 10-20 system A CD4 + T lymphocyte the fourth thoracic vertebrae of the vertebral column A non-small cell lung carcinoma staging for a type of tumour the T4 spinal nerve Thyroxin ...

Denise Milani

In 1997 Milani worked for Sports by Brooks as a sports model. In 2007 she left Sports by Brooks and created her feature website. Milani won the Miss Bikini World Competition 2007. Then she placed 1st in the Excalibur NPC 2011 Bikini Division foll ...


Tel Afar District, region in Iraq Tal Afar, in Iraq

DJ (disambiguation)

Virgin Blue IATA code DJ, Australia-based airline prior to rebranding into Virgin Australia Dow Jones Industrial Average, a stock market index David Jones Limited, an Australian retailer Disney Junior Dansk Jernbane, a Danish freight company

Berenice (disambiguation)

Berenice Epideires, near the mouth of the Red Sea, in modern Djibouti Berenice Troglodytica, modern Medinet-el Haras, an ancient port of Egypt Berenice, ancient Greek name for Benghazi in Libya; still a Catholic titular episcopal see Berenice Pan ...


DTU may refer to: German Taekwondo Union German: Deutsche Taekwondo Union, abbreviated as DTU Wudalianchi Dedu Airport in Northeast China, IATA code DTU Dota Tuesdays United Data Transport Utility I/Gear Duy Tan University Database Throughput Uni ...


Design for All, as a design philosophy Design for assembly, manufacturing improvement to allow faster or automated assembly or assembly with fewer parts

Fire Fight Australia

Fire Fight Australia was a fundraising concert held on Sunday, 16 February 2020, as a means for raising funds for the national bushfire relief following the 2019–20 Australian bushfire season, known as the Black Summer. It was held at ANZ Stadium ...


Dame of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a chivalric order Doctor of Management, an academic management degree Doctor of Medicine, an academic medical degree Doctor of Music, an academic music-performance degree, also known as D.M.A Doctor ...

225 East 86th Street

225 East 86th Street is a luxury condominium on 86th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue in the Yorkville neighborhood of the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City. It is a 15-story building that was built in 1981 and converted to ...


Entertainment Weekly, an American magazine, published by Time Extreme Warfare, a series of computer games Eugene Weekly, an alternative weekly newspaper published in Eugene, Oregon "Ew!", a 2014 song by Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am Eddsworld, a Bri ...


Saw set, the process of setting the teeth of a saw so each tooth protrudes to the side of the blade Strategic Energy Technologies Plan of the European Union Simulated Emergency Test, an amateur radio training exercise Scalar expectancy theory, a ...


Airnorth IATA airline code TL, an airline Teknisk Landsforbund, the Danish Union of Professional Technicians Public transport in the Lausanne Region, a transport company Team Liquid, a professional gaming and eSports team and community website

Miss Ecuador 2020

Miss Ecuador 2020 will be the 70th anniversary of the Miss Ecuador pageant, to be held on September, 2020 at Teatro del Parque Las Vegas in Portoviejo, Manabi. Cristina Hidalgo from Guayas will crown her successor at the end of the event. the win ...


CTE may refer to: Compañia Transatlantica Española, a shipping line also known as the "Spanish Line" Computerized Tractive Effort, a feature installed on the Union Pacific Railroad’s GE AC4400CW and ES44AC diesel locomotives Central Expressway di ...

Falta Amor (song)

Falta Amor is a song recorded by Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra and Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin. The song was released by Universal Music Latin Entertainment on March 26, 2020.


Duran, New Mexico Duran, Iran, a village in Zanjan Province, Iran Duran, Gers, a commune in France Duran, a barangay in Dumalag, Capiz, Philippines Duran, Ecuador

Altar (disambiguation)

Altar Brazilian band, a dance music band Altar film, 2014 film also released as The Haunting of Radcliffe House Altar Dutch band, a death metal band Altar album, a 2006 album by Sunn O) and Boris The Altar, a 2016 album by Banks Altar Romanian ba ...


eQ Bank, a Finnish bank EQ Bank, a direct banking brand of Canadian lender Equitable Bank Embarq NYSE stock symbol EQ, a local exchange carrier in the United States


Duke of Richelieu, a title in the peerage of France created for Cardinal Richelieu Emmanuel-Armand de Richelieu, duc dAiguillon 1720–1782, statesman, nephew of the marshal Louis François Armand du Plessis, duc de Richelieu 1696–1788, marshal of F ...