ⓘ Marpesia eleuchea


ⓘ Antillean daggerwing

Marpesia eleuchea, the Antillean daggerwing, is a species of butterfly of the family Nymphalidae. It is found in the West Indies. Occasional strays can be found in the Florida Keys.

The wingspan is 67–83 mm. Adults feed on the nectar of various flowers, including Tournefortia, Cordia, Lantana, and Eupatorium species.

The larvae feed on Ficus species.


1. Subspecies

  • Marpesia eleuchea Cuba
  • Marpesia eleuchea bahamensis Munroe, 1971 Bahamas
  • Marpesia eleuchea pellenis Godart, Antilles
  • Marpesia eleuchea dospassosi Munroe, 1971 Dominican Republic